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Meet Kyle Kasawski, our new client development director!

June 2, 2021

Keeping up with energy trends while maintaining low energy costs and safe and efficient facilities is top of mind for Alberta municipalities.

Based on member feedback, we developed our new Energy Management Services centered on the needs of Alberta municipalities and their community-related organizations.

Our program is intended to help organizations reduce their energy consumption, renew their assets, and save money on their operational costs. Our model also guarantees predicted energy savings and allows organizations to choose the efficiency options that work best for them. From project size to funding options, we will work with organizations every step of the way!

Our new Client Development Director, Kyle Kasawski, is ready to answer all of your energy management questions and ready to help retrofit community buildings across Alberta.

Kyle has been a leader in the Alberta renewable energy and energy management industry since 2002, when he left the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Engineering to start up his first solar power company. He has developed hundreds of energy management projects in sizes ranging from net zero-ready buildings to large community generation power plants. Most recently, he worked as an Instructor in the NAIT Alternative Energy Technology Program where he taught Advanced Energy System Design and Energy Economics.

Kyle looks forward to hearing from you and helping you manage all of your energy upgrades!