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Member Requests for Decision to be considered at Spring Municipal Leaders Caucus

April 8, 2021

As part of Spring Municipal Leaders Caucus, next Thursday, April 15 participants will consider the following member-submitted Requests for Decisions (RFDs)

  1. Member RFD from the Town of Slave Lake - All Albertans Deserve Access to Justice
  2. Member RFD from the Village of Forestburg - Local Government Funding Framework (LGFF) Implementation
  3. Member RFD from the Village of Forestburg – Proposed Amendment to the Municipal Government Act – Division 5 Special Tax

The RFD session is scheduled to start at about 11:30. The submitting municipalities will have up to two (2) minutes to speak to each RFD, after which the phone lines will be open to allow members to ask questions or make comments of no longer than 45 seconds. Based on the discussion, the submitting municipality may agree to revise the RFD’s recommendation.

Following discussion, elected officials representing Regular Members will be invited to vote on the recommendation using a Zoom poll. An RFD is approved if 51 percent or more of votes cast are in favour.

AUMA’s Board determines actions to be taken on any approved RFDs and updates are provided through Digest and subsequent Municipal Leaders Caucuses.

If you haven’t already, register today to participate in Spring Municipal Leaders Caucus.