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More answers to your questions on Alberta’s 2020 budget

November 24, 2020

In February 2020, AUMA hosted a webinar to report on our preliminary analysis of the 2020 Budget and its impact on Alberta’s municipal governments and communities. During the webinar, participants posed a variety of questions and we committed to finding the answers for our members. In April, we released a preliminary summary of responses received from the Government of Alberta. Today, we are pleased to share that we have received answers to all your questions, which can be found in our updated Questions and Answers on Alberta’s 2020-21 Budget.

This updated version offers new information on:

  • The change in budget between the former Parent Link Centre program and the new Family Resource Network program (question 1).
  • How municipalities will be engaged in the province’s plan to transfer operational responsibility for 164 parks (question 5).
  • Details about the Police Funding Model and budget for the Municipal Policing Assistance Grant and Police Officer Grant (questions 11-13).
  • How revenue from lottery and gaming operations will be invested following the elimination of the Lottery Fund (question 19).

For more resources, visit AUMA’s Budget 2020 webpage.