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Newly streamlined platform - protect your interests during community events

June 30, 2021

Our members – municipalities and not-for-profit organizations – own and operate many of the facilities that are the hub of community activity. When third-party renters use these facilities for special events, sports, and other activities, the facility owner and operator face liability exposure.  

If an incident occurs, almost all of the time, a lawsuit brought by the injured individuals would name the renter, facility owner and operator. If the facility renter does not have insurance or they have inadequate coverage, the facility owner and the operator could end up paying for the entire claim. 

Recognizing this, we are making it easier to protect both the owner and users of these facilities with a new streamlined platform for Facility User Group Liability. 

Benefits of our Facility User Group Liability Policy include: 

  • Facility renters can purchase their policy online, and facility owners receive immediate confirmation of insurance by email. There is no need to consult an insurance provider. 
  • Coverage certainty – there is no need to verify terms of coverage or chase documents.
  • Renter pays Premium directly to the insurer by credit card – no cash handling.
  • Renters, facility owners and facility operators are protected under one insurance policy. By avoiding multiple insurance companies in the claim process, assigning blame for the injuries and who should pay is unnecessary, and claims resolve quicker. 
  • Up to $5M policy limit options with low deductibles. Premiums are extremely affordable and, in many cases, cheaper than what is available with commercial insurance brokers.  

As restrictions lift and people start hosting community activities, this is a great way to protect your liabilities and enjoy the summer ahead. Contact our team today to set up your online program.