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Our Annual Survey Results

April 8, 2021

Each year, we conduct member surveys on various topics. The goals of the annual surveys are to get meaningful information so we can provide better services, measure member satisfaction, and develop a better understanding of member needs.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to complete our 2020 annual surveys. We are extremely happy with the results:

  • Overall Satisfaction with AUMA’s Policy and Advocacy Efforts - 94%
  • Business Lines Overall Satisfaction – 97%
  • Satisfaction with our Employee Benefits Program – 98%
  • Satisfaction with our Insurance & Risk Services – 97%
  • Satisfaction with our Energy Services – 100%
  • Satisfaction with your Pension Plan (APEX, ACPP, MuniSERP) and our Savings Programs (Group RRSP and TFSA) – 97%.

We value our members, and the responses and feedback received are essential to us to continue to work on the needs of our members. Some areas identified include:

  • Working with members to share strategies that respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery
  • Engaging members in policing initiatives
  • Service optimization with our business lines
  • Enhancing awareness of our products and services