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Our unique aggregation procurement results in savings for members

June 22, 2021

In May 2021, our Energy Program team successfully procured wholesale natural gas on behalf of over 100 municipalities and community-related organizations. The process was publicly posted, compliant with applicable trade agreements, and independently monitored. It was a fair, transparent, and highly competitive process resulting in exceptional gas prices for participating members.

Participating in our energy aggregation process saves AUMA members money in several important ways:

  1. No external costs: Our unique program provides energy procurement expertise and a proven process without the additional costs of outsourcing an external consultant or broker. External consultants can cost an average-size municipality between $10,000/year and $25,000/year.
  2. Wholesale prices: Pooling the combined load of participating members allows members to avoid retail price markups by buying commodities straight from the wholesale market.
  3. Highly competitive: Dealing at the wholesale market allows for more participants than just retailers (e.g., generators, financial institutions, etc.), making our process more competitive than standard procurement. Our 2021 natural gas aggregation secured natural gas 5% below the future market forecasts prices of third-party industry experts.

In addition to cost savings, members enjoy excellent customer service from the only municipally-focused retailer in Alberta. We offer expert energy advice, complimentary analysis of Distribution and Transmission (D&T) charges, a 24/7 online portal for your historical data needs, and a friendly, solutions-focused call centre.

If you have any questions about how this program works or how it could benefit your organization, contact our Energy team.