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Province taking action to combat opioids

February 17, 2017

Fentanyl and other opioids continue to have a deadly impact with 343 deaths in the last year that were related to fentanyl overdoses. 

The Government of Alberta is moving ahead with several measures to combat opioids:

  • All first responders, including firefighters and police, can now administer naloxone by injection. Naloxone saves lives when given immediately and followed up with emergency medical support. Injectable naloxone kits and training are being provided at no cost to first responders.
  • Naloxone is being made an unscheduled drug to allow anyone to get a kit without a prescription. This will make it easier for community agencies to provide naloxone kits.
  • An opioid dependency treatment (ODT) clinic will open in Grande Prairie this spring to serve 300 patients.
  • Alberta Health is publishing quarterly public reports on opioid overdose data and will begin publishing interim reports on fentanyl deaths. Alberta Health is working with Indigenous groups to share information to support improved data collection and reporting.
  • Grant funding of $730,000 is being provided to support agencies in several communities, including Edmonton and Calgary, who are establishing supervised consumption services to reduce nuisance from public drug use and provide a hygienic and stress-free environment in which individuals are able to consume illicit drugs.

To read a report on the province’s actions in response to the opioid crisis, click here.