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The Province wants to hear from you: broadband speeds for business parks

November 7, 2018

Is the lack of access to high-speed internet hampering with your development of innovation, business or technology parks?

If this has happened in your municipality, the GOA wants to hear from you! Contact Claudette Dunsing, Manager of the Provincial Broadband Strategy at Service Alberta, before November 14 and let her know about the specific broadband requirements that are needed to support the development of business parks.

Reliable broadband connections enable economic development in communities across Alberta. While the Government of Alberta (GOA) has a firm understanding of the connection speeds required by residences, the GOA would like to gather further insights on broadband requirements for businesses, such as the broadband upload and download speeds and capacity needed to support data-intensive businesses.

Service Alberta is in the final stages of developing policy options for a Provincial Broadband Strategy. It is expected that policy options will be forwarded to the Ministry of Service Alberta by the end of the calendar year and that planning to start implementation will begin in early 2019.