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Provincial mapping tool supports engagement with Indigenous communities

July 31, 2019

Did you know that the Government of Alberta offers an online mapping tool that helps industry and municipalities to identify land areas where Indigenous communities may be affected by land and resource development decisions? The Landscape Analysis Indigenous Relations Tool (LAIRT) provides information to indicate geographic areas where industry and municipalities are commonly required to consult First Nations and Métis Settlements under the province’s First Nations and Métis Settlements consultation policies regarding land and natural resource development.

Municipalities may consider using LAIRT during the pre-planning stages of a project to identify which First Nations or Métis Settlements could be impacted and proactively engage those communities to build relationships and discuss future plans for the project area and overall region.

LAIRT is a sub-component of the province’s Landscape Analysis Tool (LAT). For assistance using the platform, download the LAIRT User Guide and the LAT User Guide or contact the LAT Help Desk at 310-3773.