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Red Cross to receive over $6,300 from 2018 convention lanyard challenge

November 7, 2018


Thank you to all the mayors and councillors (and even one CAO!) who participated in the lanyard challenge I initiated as part of the 2018 AUMA Convention and AMSC Trade Show.

As you may know, environmental stewardship is very important to me and I saw this as a great opportunity not only to reduce and reuse, but also help the Red Cross in their efforts for the people affected by the tornadoes in eastern Canada on September 21.

Of the 1125 people registered for convention, I am pleased to report that there were 980 delegate lanyards returned. At $0.20 per lanyard, this comes to a total of $196 per person who took me up on the challenge. AUMA has decided to match the donations, and I am proud to report that the total going to the Red Cross is $6,339.20!

Again, thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge. Municipalities that have suffered a major incident such as floods, fires, tornadoes know the role of the Red Cross in helping the people in our communities and I am grateful that we can all come together to give this show of support to a worthy organization.

If you didn’t participate in the challenge but would like to donate to the Red Cross, I encourage you to donate directly by visiting their website.

Cathy Heron
AUMA Director and Vice President, Cities up to 500,000
Mayor, City of St. Albert