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Time to start discussing municipal issues with election candidates

March 13, 2019

Although the provincial election has yet to be called, many AUMA members are already being approached by candidates.

AUMA is busy putting the final touches on our election campaign, which we will launch soon. In the interim, we encourage all our members to start asking candidates in their riding questions related our three key municipal issues: infrastructure, cannabis, and policing.


The province has approved a new infrastructure program for Calgary and Edmonton but the future of funding for all other communities remains unknown.

  • Does your party commit to legislating an adequate, predictable and sustainable municipal funding framework that is linked to provincial revenues?


Most municipalities have no access to revenues generated from cannabis grown, sold, and used in their communities. Does your party commit to:

  • Giving municipalities a fair share of the tax revenues provided to the Province by the Government of Canada?
  • Enabling municipal taxation of production facilities at fair market value?


Under the existing Police Act, some municipalities pay directly for police services, while the Alberta government covers policing costs for other communities.

  • Does your party commit to developing a more equitable police funding model where every municipality pays based on their demand for police services and their ability to pay?

The AUMA 2019 Provincial Election Campaign will be sent to Mayors and CAOs by email soon. Stay tuned!