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Update from the Legislature - Mar 3

March 2, 2021

Session resumes, and the 2021 budget is released

The 2021 Spring Sitting of the Second Session of the 30th Legislature commenced on February 25 with the 2021 provincial budget tabled that afternoon. AUMA hosted a budget-focused webinar for members on February 26 and has completed a preliminary analysis of the budget.

The Legislature is expected to sit until mid-May, with the government indicating they anticipate passing 18-19 bills and delivering on 90% of the platform commitments they campaigned on in 2019 by the time the house rises for the summer.

In addition to the regular government legislation, the Government House Leader proposed a motion to move Bill 211, Municipal Government (Firearms) Amendment Act, 2020, to a Government Bill, all but ensuring its passage this spring. The legislation, sponsored by MLA Glasgo, will amend the Municipal Government Act to prohibit a municipal council from passing a bylaw respecting firearms prohibition.


Spring 2021 Legislation Status (as of Monday, March 1)

Leave to Introduce a Bill

Bill 49 Labour Mobility Act (Copping)

Bill 51 Citizen Initiative Act (Madu)

Bill 52 Recall Act (Madu)

Bill 53 Service Alberta Statutes (Virtual Meetings) Amendment Act, 2021 (Glubish)

Bill 54 Irrigation Districts Amendment Act, 2021 (Dreeshen)

Bill 55 College of Alberta School Superintendents Act (LaGrange)


Second Reading

Bill 211 Municipal Government (Firearms) Amendment Act, 2020 (Glasgo)

Committee of the Whole


Third Reading


Awaiting Royal Assent


Received Royal Assent