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Cannabis and Public Health Webinars: Part II - Developing Bylaws for Land-Use and Business Licensing

June 13, 2018

AUMA and RMA recently the second of two Cannabis and Public Health Webinars entitled "Developing Bylaws for Land-Use and Business Licensing" with the following speakers:

  • Dr. Jason Cabaj, Alberta Health Services
  • Michelle Fry, Alberta Health Services
  • Colton Kirsop, City of Edmonton
  • Kayla Atkey, Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention

This webinar provided recommendations for land use/zoning and business licensing bylaw development. Topics included separation distances, density, numbers of stores, co-location, hours of operation, advertising and signage, and business license application processes.

You can access the recording and the presentation for the webinar, as well as the Cannabis Information Package for Municipalities developed by AHS. You can also visit the City of Edmonton’s Cannabis Legalization webpage for more information on Edmonton’s approach to regulating recreational cannabis.

If you missed the first webinar in our Cannabis and Public Health series, Webinar I – Regulating Public Consumption, you can view a recording or download the presentation for this webinar as well.