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Top Priorities

Strong and vibrant communities are the foundation for the Alberta way of life.

Municipal governments are intrinsically involved in the everyday lives of the people they serve. They guide and oversee the issues, programs, and services that most directly impact the day-to-day lives of its citizens.

Strong communities attract industry and attract jobs which all contribute to Alberta’s advantage. But only 10 cents of every Canadian tax dollar are available to local governments, so Alberta’s municipalities have to build their communities using other forms of funding.

This webpage describes the top priorities for AUMA's members - those priorities that once resolved will enhance the lives and wellbeing of Alberta's urban residents and the communities in which they live.


1. Equitable Infrastructure Funding 

  • Alberta municipalities own and maintain close to 60% of Alberta’s public infrastructure.  
  • The primary source of provincial funding for community infrastructure is going to end in 2021-22.   
  • The City of Calgary and the City of Edmonton have received a long-term funding agreement linked to provincial revenues, now is the time for the rest of Alberta municipalities to get the same type of deal.  

Alberta communities are stronger with a commitment from government
for equitable infrastructure funding.

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2. A Fair Share of Cannabis Revenue 

  • The Federal Government agreed to provide the province with 75% of cannabis tax revenue with a portion allocated to municipalities. 
  • Currently, there is no commitment from the Province to share this tax revenue with municipalities.  
  • Provincial regulations prevent municipalities from assessing and taxing cannabis production facilities, so tax payers are subsidizing the industry, instead of benefitting from new tax revenue streams. 

Alberta communities are stronger with a commitment from government
for a fair share of cannabis revenue.

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3. Improved Resources for Policing Services 

  • Residents need to feel safe and protected in their communities. 
  • High RCMP vacancy rates and long response times have contributed to the perception that rural communities are not safe. 
  • Communities need a more equitable police-funding model to address RCMP vacancies and the rising costs of policing while improving community safety across Alberta.  
  • The new funding model should be based on the municipality’s demand for policing services and their ability to pay.

Alberta communities are stronger with a commitment from government
for a new funding model.

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