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AUMA’s Resolutions Library has been updated based on the results of the voting process at AUMA’s 2018 Annual Convention held in Red Deer in September.

Resolutions that were adopted by members are being grouped by topic and submitted to the relevant ministry or organization. Responses to the resolutions will be referred to the relevant AUMA Standing Committee, which will make a recommendation on any further action to the AUMA Board of Directors.    

AUMA endeavors to keep members up to date on the status of resolutions through our weekly Digest and the Resolutions Library.

Already thinking about submitting a resolution for next year’s convention?  The About Resolutions Page has information on preparing resolutions. The deadline for submitting a resolution for AUMA’s next Convention is May 31, 2019.

Guide and template; current policy; resolution bylaws and books
2019 deadline is May 31
Catalogue of active and expired resolutions