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Regional Trail Linkages between Urban Municipalities

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Resolution Category: 
Provincial Scope 12
Blackfalds, Town of
Sylvan Lake, Town of
Penhold, Town of
Active Clauses: 

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Albertan Urban Municipalities urge the Government of Alberta to provide support and funding to complete non-motorized trail linkages between Urban Municipalities.

Whereas Clauses: 

WHEREAS there are opportunities for regional trail development which fall outside trail routes designated as Trans Canada Trail;

WHEREAS there is a need to connect trail systems already built in neighboring communities, thereby offering safe, economical alternative means of travel;

WHEREAS alternative modes of transportation such as walking and biking offer health benefits as well as benefit the environment; and

WHEREAS the growing number of bikers and walkers on highways and roadways designed strictly for vehicles increases the likelihood of catastrophic conflict with automobile traffic.

Resolution Background: 

“Active Transportation” is any human powered transportation and people who use active transportation are most likely to achieve daily physical activity goals. The 2017 Alberta Survey on Physical Activity found that 43% of Albertans are not getting enough physical activity and active transportation provides numerous benefits including:

  1. Reduction in the risk of developing chronic health problems including heart disease, cancers, diabetes and mental health issues.
  2. Providing economic benefits through reduced personal costs, reduced infrastructure needs, and reduced healthcare spending and boosts to the local economy.
  3. Benefits to the Environment through reduced ecological footprint and lower energy consumption.
  4. Increased safety by reducing pedestrian and cyclists conflicts with motor vehicles.

Encouraging “Active Transportation” starts by providing safe active transportation infrastructure such as exclusive lanes and interconnected paths. Non-motorized trail linkages between urban municipalities will provide many long term benefits to the citizens and the communities in which they live in.

Government Response: 
  • AUMA received a response from the Minister. The Infrastructure and Energy committee has reviewed and a letter is being drafted seeking further information from the minister. 
AUMA Notes: 
  • letter enclosing the resolution has been forwarded to the Minister responsible.
  • This resolution is consistent with a 2011 resolution on regional trail linkages outside of the Trans Canada Trail Network, which has expired.
AUMA Comments: 
Considers government response