Business services

AMSC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the AUMA, is member-owned and driven. We have over 100 years of experience in municipally-related business and are committed to delivering exceptional, relevant services to members. We provide outstanding value by harnessing economies of scale, resulting in better value for members than if they tried to purchase services independently. Everything we do is geared specifically to the needs of municipalities and in response to what members have told us matters most to them.

Human resources: includes employee benefits and retirement offerings, consulting, job postings, annual wage & compensation survey, and more. Our highly successful employee benefits program currently covers over 14,000 employees and is considered one of the best in the industry. We offer a variety of retirement options such as the APEX (defined benefit plan), MuniSERP, the Alberta Community Pension Plan (defined contribution), Group RRSPs and Tax Free Savings Accounts.

Insurance & Risk management services: offering a highly competitive general insurance program and runs MUNIX, a self-funded insurance reciprocal. Our comprehensive risk management program is available in a convenient and cost-effective online format that can identify and mitigate risks.

Utility services: offering an aggregated electricity, natural gas and green power program that yields competitive prices and long-term price stability. We offer flexibility and complete transparency in the procurement process.

Other offerings include the Purchasing Program, Investment Services, Casual Legal Services, and more.

We offer members a number of value-added services to round out our lineup.
Products designed to meet the unique needs of investors
Offering eLearning opportunities to members through the Elected Officials Education Program and our risk management education program.
Providing employee benefits, retirement products, and HR related services
Providing stability, flexibility and expertise in procuring natural gas, electricity and green power products.
We offer broad insurance solutions, all available from the standpoint of protecting the interests of our members
Even a small organization can save big with the AMSC Purchasing Program.