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Retirement Services

Our retirement services offer 3 retirement plans and 2 savings programs tailored to meet municipal needs, allowing you to choose the best option that serves your needs.

Retirement plans:

  • ACPP – our defined contribution plan designed for employees and elected officials that do not participate in a public service pension plan like the Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP).
  • APEX – our defined benefit plan supplements the LAPP benefit. Individuals must participate in LAPP to be able to enroll in APEX.
  • MuniSERP – a supplemental employee retirement plan which provides additional benefits beyond what is allowable under the LAPP and APEX plan.

Savings programs:

  • Group RRSPs and TFSAs – competitive savings programs that are easy to enroll in, customizable to meet your needs, and offer low fund management fees.

Talk to us about how our offerings can meet your needs.