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Alberta Police Interim Advisory Board report on policing priorities released

February 9, 2021

The Alberta Police Advisory Board was created by the Minister of Alberta Justice and Solicitor General in spring 2020 to give municipalities a stronger voice in setting policing priorities. This board is being implemented in two phases: in the first year, an interim board is developing the board’s structure and scope. On the completion of the interim board’s mandate, the work of the operational board will begin for a four-year term.

One of the interim board’s mandated deliverables was to provide input into discussions on provincial policing priorities for the 2021/22 fiscal year. The interim board recently provided its report on policing priorities from a municipal perspective to the RCMP and Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. The full report can be viewed here.

The interim board will now focus on its mandate to develop the scope, terms of reference, recruitment and selection process, and other governance documents for the operational board. AUMA will inform members of upcoming opportunities to provide feedback to the interim board, as well as AUMA advocacy on this topic.