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AMSC’s Energy Retail Program members save money on electricity and natural gas

February 7, 2018

In October and December 2017, the AMSC Energy Retail Program successfully completed RFPs for aggregate wholesale energy, resulting in approximately a 20% savings for electricity customers and a 40% savings for natural gas customers.


The AMSC Energy Retail Program offers energy aggregation as a value-added service to its members.


AMSC manages the aggregation process by:

  • actively monitoring current and future markets for energy price optimization
  • conducting in-depth analyses of a customer’s individual load requirements to ensure a customized customer profile
  • carrying out a transparent, fair, and highly competitive procurement process

Participating in the energy aggregation process saves ours members money:

  • Our program eliminates the need for members to pay for external energy consultants to coordinate their procurement processes.
  • Members access wholesale markets where there is increased competition and lower pricing.
  • AMSC attracts bids from wholesalers, including financial institutions, that consultants and brokers are unable to transact with.

In addition to the aggregation offering, AMSC Energy Retail Program members receive industry leading service and complimentary benefits including:

  • timely and accurate billing, including an online web portal for all historical data needs
  • a municipally-focused and personable call centre that offers customized solutions to member inquiries
  • expert energy advice on a wide variety of energy-related topics including: annual budgets, Distribution & Transmission charge analysis, and energy management best practices

If you have any questions or require additional information about AMSC’s Energy Retail Program or future aggregation opportunities, please call 310-AUMA or send us an email.